A Romantic journey about Genealogy

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an Optimistic Outlook - Pessimism is a waste of time...
I hope you will walk with me in this direction and time.
it is the optimist who finds a creative way to use life! Life is a series of passages with doors to open and others to close. New creative doors must be found and opened maybe this is the next one for you - see what is inside?

Love God's Natural God's natural creations made as beautiful images by him for you.
This concept maybe confusing to many people.  But life's spirit makes you special. God loaned to you a body with its DNA as his Temple. The temple and talent  is on loan to you for use with the god given soul. Our obligation to god is that we must use this loan time wisely with a love of good. So it is wise to understand all you can about the gift of the temple and its DNA past so moving forward by making the world a better place than when you received it. God used DNA and picked your ancestry and parents. The birds have a god given DNA smarts that is beyond our ability to understand. They have a network for survival that transcends the change in yearly climate. Could it be they are part of the cats and a spirit in the soul evolutionary database or universe with pre-programs.


Many have told us that Genealogy is boring tree history with pictures. Familycousin finds that each "Romantic Journey of Attraction" is interesting as an eBook story.
Start this Ancestry journey understanding the romantic attraction
Nature in life, find the hummingbird seeking a flower to draw out the nectar from within. The hummer seeks exploration of new flowers to renew itself - not romance. Our ancestors each had a mating with romantic attraction. Their family relationship was built based on a forming of a bond with a soul mate. But in some cases there were several marriages. Some were due to a death others were due to new renewal mating attraction. It may have been a way of renewing their soul. However, it all started with an instant of personal romance. We have some direct and documented examples of how this romantic attraction can be used for building a tree full of family cousins. The dna is the engine and the soul is the fuel of the mind. We are dedicated to opening all doors to family and environmental issues for the love of life. There is nothing to be ashamed of yesterday history and today.  We are made by god and all we live and love is acceptable in our nature. Every Body is on loan as a temple from god so we should treat it with reverence..


This is an internet search for family people from 1.Czech - Majer, 2. England - Waite w/dna, 2. England - Masters, 3. England - Osborn w/dna, 4. Prussian - Keitz, 5. UK - Wilson, Daniels, 6. England, Scotland - Mackway and more.
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Our Tree
The search among surviving relatives is still the preferred way to gain insight on the past family history. Since most of us have immigration ancestors we need to gain relative links to the country of origin. In some cases we are lucky to find a church record or village person in the search. We have taken dna samples in the Waite and Osborn families. However the similar dna samples do not often give us a contact of information. So we go back to search engines to provide contacts.

 Our hope is that this website will foster communications, like years ago at grandma's home gathering feasts.
Today, we gather with blogs, shared pictures, email postings and text messages.

Even Nature's has Genealogy  We are digging for current and ancestry folks - searching like the flicker for new stuff. Cousin, will you help us, with new details, in this family search?
Nature's male and female privately pursue making life's renewal  

Family Events The living values shown by our cousins represent the inherent traditions
granted our family by our parents. We have an obligation to pass it on to the next generation. We have new photos coming from Jim Hall scanning his 35mm slides. These have been placed in the Cousin Links on Hall eBook

Welcome cousins'. I want to give you my gift from a fellow cousin. Try the best 3 meat Texas Chili, just go to and make my recipe now  and see some sexy walking to Bob Dylan's "Thunder Mountain". Please allow me to share with you the romantic reason I make hot chili.

Grandchildren are Amazing                                   Dexter Party time

Latest Wee Dram Report continues house search in Chicago maps for Vaillancourt Hawthorne Place. After 1870 Chicago experienced a Great Fire and World Fair becoming an opportunity for our Mackway, Vaillancourt, Weinbauer families to move there.

Richard "Dick" Osborn has expanded his "living Blacksmith family eBook" with new experiences. go there

Amazing - new era
 Ancestry passed DNA gives us our physical human body or Temple and appearance characteristics. But then God's "soul" is transferred to this Temple and it is what makes us a unique individual. Soul allows us to go well beyond this physical Temple. The Soul may be the basis for attraction and continues even after the Temple is aging. This attraction renewal seems to continue even as we get older - just like the hummer, we may seek flowers to renew, but for our soul.


A little known muscle disease called Myositis and a specific effect called Inclusion Body IBM has raised cousin dna gene
possibilities. More family details can be found on

join research funding home at Dexter IBM Myositis Foundation

Dexter's Atrial Fibrillation Foundation is seeking help for a cure of irregular heart beats leading to blood clots and strokes.

Dexter's life in a small town, Bucks County, Sellersville & Perkasie, Pa. 1930 through 60's

Ralph Waite DNA results Visit a Ralph Dexter eBook

Life in a small town runs at a different pace. It seems to be set by the local business attitudes and activities.  It also could be the Pennsylvania Dutch (German) people. They were dedicated hard workers but at a farmers pace. 

My hometown was Sellersville, which is next to Perkasie, Souderton, Telford, Quakertown and far away Doylestown - the county seat. Actually my family was renting in 17 Noble St, Sellersville and mom and dad decided to build their house up on a hill just outside of Sellersville in West Rockhill Township. It was well named since we had these red colored rocks everywhere we tried to dig.

This rambling is a "Mackway thing" (my mother's family) they take a written road and follow it to a crossroad in their mind and then make a turn and keep repeating these turns until they have lost the reader in a maze of written subject turns. But we need to get back to Life in the slow lane.

My dad's mother Bess Osborn Waite had just died of cancer. He was the third child born in Bethlehem. He moved to Sellersville looking for a job. He wrote a diary 1935-36 while living at the Sellers Inn/Tavern now called the Washington House. He worked as an artist and draftsman in the engineering department of the US Gauge company. It was a (German) gauge manufacture used for reading temperature and pressure.  He worked his way up to chief engineer with no engineering degree.

My mother and the Mackway family was living in Sellersville. She worked at the US Gauge, I am not sure about her job there.  She was active in the outside work activities and she met my dad since they were in archery together. He called her Mack. After Ralph Jr was born she stopped working to raise the family.

My father was a nature man. For a time he was Scoutmaster to the local scout troop. He would go out bird watching with other local men. In fact, he was just remembered in the Buck County Herald by one of his scouts, Judge William Heart Rufe. See index_extra.htm.

<- See Diary of Ralph Dexter Waite Sr - eBook "My two years in Bethlehem and the Washington House (pictured)  in Sellersville Pa."
Liberty Bell Trolley ran from 1912 to 1951 through Sellersville, Perkasie and around.. 
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